Eco-Friendly Paints Are Becoming Popular

If you have decided to embellish your home, the next thing to do is pick paint. We usually choose the same brand that we have previously used, as long as we are satisfied with the results. However, it might be worthwhile to stop and consider which paint you would like to apply. These days, Eco eco-friendly paints are becoming getting more and more popular, and this is not just because of decreasing the carbon footprint that they leave on the earth. If you are determined to use only Eco environmentally friendly paints and conduct your research correctly, you will find that many kinds of paint is just as superior to solvent-based ones. The LGC has a dedicated group of painters and decorators london and if you are searching for those who are proud of their work, you have come to the right spot.

Before choosing the right paint, we must consider what we are looking for whether it is a durable, great color with or without VOC or organic or natural pints? If you are looking for durability and the ability to clean walls the truth is that you will need solvent-based paint since any paint that is 100% natural and Eco green will not perform better than those that have chemicals, even though it is low in VOC which is not a bad thing in the end. It is all about the paint you select.

If you are planning to paint your child’s bedroom and you are worried about VOC you should consider brands such as Farrow & Ball as they are compliant with Toy Safety Standards. If you are looking for eco-green paint and do not need to be concerned about how long it will last, there is a huge selection of brands to pick from. They range from Farrow & Ball, Auro, Nature Paint, Nutshell to select varieties of Dulux and numerous others.

The first thing to be aware of is that since 2010, in line with new EU regulations and rules, all paint manufacturers have drastically decreased VOC amounts in their paints, and some claim that they are Eco green. However, they are not! If they are still containing VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) they are not Eco environmentally friendly.

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Eco-Friendly Paints Are The Way of The Future

In the end, we must be aware that Eco eco-friendly paints are the way of the future. Not only do they eliminate the smell of them, making the experience of DIY more pleasing for us, but they also reduce the carbon footprints left in the wake of our activities. Some paint manufacturers take the extra mile in being Eco-sustainable and sell their paints in powder. In the end, 70% of the emulsion paints are water, so why bother transporting it around the globe? The only thing you need to need to do is to blend the paint and water in your home.

A way to avoid all the hassle is to choose your choices about paint carefully and think through all options. After that, you will need to locate a reliable and reputable decorator and painter who is aware of the surroundings and can discuss each of the advantages and disadvantages for you.

Sometimes, we have to make difficult decisions and compromises. If you are a parent and would like to be more connected to nature, then choose Eco environmentally friendly paints. However, should you prefer your home to be able to withstand the knocks and the years of children being kids, look for paints with low VOC which are not necessarily solvent-free since they offer the best value for your price?