In recent years, the residential property market has seen important changes. Today’s property agents and brokers are adapting their business models to incorporate elaborate multiple listing services (“MLS”) online and websites to gather info on potential customers. There is increasing demand for brand new, non-traditional property brokerage services.

It’s impossible to overestimate the power of video in marketing. Real estate marketing videos can help nurture leads. It’s time to guide your leads to the next stage when you’ve generated a considerable quantity of leads. This type of information is preferred by potential buyers over text advertisements. Furthermore, employing films as real estate marketing material has a greater impact. This sort of content provides quite a lot of advantages.

A video can disclose features about a home that might otherwise be hidden from potential buyers. It can, for example, display passageways between rooms, “leading” a viewer across space. As a result, potential house buyers have a far better idea of how the property looks in person. A video can also be used to entertain, educate, tell stories, and many other things. As a result, any effective realtor must use it. But how do you do it properly? Let us help you out with some real estate video ideas that will lead you to success.

1) Video Follow-Up

A nice follow-up video can be quite helpful in cementing a relationship with your consumers or prospects after the original contact. It’s not easy to establish a relationship with your real estate leads. Because consumers receive a large number of emails each day, you must demonstrate to your prospects that you are not one of the spammers out there.

2) Video Updates On The Market

With the passage of time, real estate trends change. As a result, it’s critical to keep your clients informed about the industry so they can make an educated purchase decision.

What kind of stuff can you put in your market update videos:

  • Trends in real estate
  • Opportunities in real estate
  • Changes in interest rates
  • Rate of crime in the neighborhood (assuming they’re low)
  • Laws governing construction

In the eyes of your potential customers, market update films might brand you as a thought leader in the real estate sector. It establishes credibility and increases the buyer’s faith in you. This makes it easier for consumers to put their trust in you rather than some nameless seller when it comes to the scary task of buying a home.

3) Videos With Real Estate Advice

Your buyers are likely unaware of the nitty-gritty details of purchasing a home. This is where you may bridge the gap and establish a relationship by offering value.

You can make videos about a variety of topics, including:

  • What’s the best way to haggle with your seller?
  • X common blunders made by buyers and sellers
  • What is the best way to locate the cheapest property?
  • When is the optimum moment to make a purchase?
  • X indications that your merchant is a con artist

To dispel your client’s doubts, you can make real estate videos for counseling. If you address their inquiries, your potential customers will notice your good intentions and be more inclined to choose you over your competition.

4) Video Testimonials From Customers

Testimonial films are an excellent approach to show that you are capable of completing tasks. The unfortunate reality is that even if you’ve had amazing success in the real estate market if you don’t have anything to show for it, your efforts will be dismissed.

Importantly, such movies assist your clients in learning more about your company, the issues that buyers experience when purchasing property, and how you may assist them in resolving such issues.

These videos perform well as regular posts or sponsored ads on Facebook. Alternatively, you can make video playlists containing testimonials and case studies that you can share with prospects as needed.

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5) Tours of Related Properties In Video Format

Even though certain clients are interested in purchasing a specific home from you, they may have reservations that could jeopardize the transaction. If you can help someone imagine themselves living in the home you’re selling, you’ll go a long way toward assuaging their fears.

So, how can you assist your clients in imagining themselves going through their dream home’s doors and rooms? Video Tours!

Instead of just a few beautiful spots, video tours allow homebuyers to receive a full perspective of the property.

6) Host Live Q&A Sessions

You can immediately start a live broadcast on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube where viewers can ask you several questions that you can respond to. For example,

  • There might be a new listing on the real estate market
  • Discounts are available
  • Sharing local information
  • Properties that have recently been sold

Additionally, because they are frequently unscripted, they lend credibility and authenticity to the overall experience.

7) Promo Films For Real Estate In Your Neighborhood

Real estate marketing videos are essential for highlighting every detail of the property you’re selling. However, the community in which the property is located is a crucial component that most purchasers consider.

Neighborhood movies are a wonderful method to demonstrate to buyers that the area surrounding the home is secure, well-kept, and busy, which will help them relax. For example, a crowded playground, people on their way to work, or a school at lunchtime. Or instead of capturing the hustle and bustle of weekdays, shoot it on a calm Sunday morning.


One of the few businesses that haven’t totally embraced video marketing is real estate. Although the real estate market has seen significant changes in recent years, because of efforts taken by some real estate brokers, working through MLSs and NAR, state legislatures, and real estate commissions, competition in the industry has been hampered. Furthermore, consumers would certainly benefit greatly from more information about the various brokerage services and prices offered. So, if you haven’t already jumped on the real estate video bandwagon, now is the moment. Best of luck!