People who love cooking spend a significant portion of the day in the kitchen, cooking and prepping their favorite food. The modern kitchen is more than just a place you cook for you and your family; it is where your friends and family like to hang out while you cook. A nicely decorated kitchen makes everyone want to participate in the cooking and helps one fall in love with the art of cooking. But it often happens that the pots and pans create a mess and the kitchen soon looks untidy. Continue reading this article to learn valuable tips on decorating the kitchen.

Change The Layout: You have seen those kitchen spaces that look untidy and stuffy. You prefer not to spend one minute more in those boxy kitchens. If your kitchen is not airy, maybe it’s time to change the layout of the space.

  • Talk to an interior designer who designs a modern kitchen space. Depending on the new layout, you can fix and move things around or contact a builder. A builder will help you translate your vision into reality. You may even add a window in the kitchen to make the space look more open. Let the natural light shine through your kitchen.
  • Choose kitchen tiles are in neutral tones. For example, beige, light blue, white, and gray shades of kitchen tiles look good in almost any kitchen. On the other hand, if you want a rich color palette for the space, you may go for dark brown, sea green, or teal-colored tiles for the kitchen.

Pots And Pans: You need the kitchen tools to make unique dishes, but storing them might be a problem. Therefore, you require kitchen cabinets of different sizes to keep all the items safely. These cabinets can be placed vertically on the walls to save floor space and efficiently use the kitchen space. Sleek kitchen cabinets glued to the walls provide a modern look.

  • While storing items in the cabinets make sure they are accessible. You feel it would be better not to waste time finding them every time you go into the kitchen. For example, don’t store the essential utensils at the back of the cabinets.
  • Put the heavy utensils on the lower shelves instead of the upper shelves. One does not require the big pots and pans regularly, so keep them at the back of the storage.
  • On the upper cabinets, you can keep the plates and bowls. When it comes to knives, you need to be extra careful of where you put them. You cannot just keep them in a drawer accessible to the kids. Avoid keeping the knives and the forks and spoons together.

Kitchen Sink: You might not notice this, but the kitchen sink placement is crucial. The oven, fridge, and sink should form a triangle if you want the space to be designed more efficiently. The kitchen sink should be deep enough to hold big pots and pans. People often go for a double sink side by side; these new double sinks let you wash the dishes more efficiently.