There is a farmhouse-inspired decoration to match your holiday occasions. Consider these eight ideas as you plan your holiday decor.


Easter allows you to decorate your home with spring images, such as flowers and rabbits. Farmhouse holiday decor can add a bright and uplifting element to your home in celebration of Easter.

Bunny Rabbit Book Ends

If you enjoy reading, bunny rabbit bookends are a functional addition to your decor that also exemplifies Easter and spring. You can use them to display your latest novel or to keep your cookbooks in order in your kitchen.

Fabric Flower Bouquets

Flower bouquets, especially those made from fabric, are a stylish way to add an assortment of colors to any part of your house. They are also an indoor reminder of the seasonal beauty that is coming to life right outside your door.


Halloween is a fun holiday for kids and a perfect opportunity for you to show your sense of humor. There are many ways to do this while adding some subtle color to your home decor.

Sign Art

Halloween sign art that teases the reader with puns and makes them smile, is sure to excite both children and adults for their night of trick-or-treating. The rustic look and accented color of farmhouse-themed decor will also brighten up your displays for the holiday.

Hanging Jack O Lantern Bucket

Jack o lanterns are a hallmark decoration for Halloween. A farmhouse-inspired jack o lantern bucket is a unique way to portray this holiday art piece. It can also have multiple uses in your display, such as holding portable lights to illuminate the area at night.

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Fall Harvest Wreaths

Fall colors, particularly the changing color of tree leaves, add to the holiday feel of Halloween. A fall harvest wreath adds fall color accents to your Halloween decor and can act as a centerpiece for your table or front door.


Christmas inspires vivid and colorful memories for those who celebrate it around the world. Bright colors and warmth are at the core of these holiday decor pieces.

Tin Metal Works

Metal figurines and Christmas trees add a rustic and vintage look to your Christmas decor. They are easy to place in any room or display and instantly add a seasonal feel.

Knitted Stockings

Christmas-themed knitted stockings are a distinctive decoration for the holiday and can be accessorized to add a custom feel to each stocking. You can also choose festive or rustic colors for your stockings to give your display the holiday decor of your choosing.

Themed Accent Pillows

Accent pillows can be placed in a display or any area of your house, not only in sofas and chairs. This gives them versatility in how and where you choose to use them in your decor. They are also easy to switch and alternate, allowing you to quickly change the color scheme or decorative nature of a display or room.

If you like farmhouse holiday decorations, these ideas can prime your creativity as you design a lively and seasonal feel for your home and displays. Many of these elements can be used across multiple holidays, which allows you to further customize your decor to your personal taste.