You have often wondered what could be done with the attic. It is a space that hardly gets fully used. One may put old boxes and things they rarely use up in the attic. But those boxes can easily fit in the garage. So, what can be done with the attic space? Well, have you ever thought of turning it into a child’s playroom? Children need space; there’s no doubt about it. They typically get their bedroom cluttered with toys and dolls and books and whatnot. So, having an additional space for all their toys might be a sound solution to the problem at hand. Continue reading this article to find out how you can turn your attic into an attractive and safe place for the kids. 


The Layout: Before you start the renovation work, you might want to step back and think of the layout of the space. An attic can be a moderately large space, depending on the size of your house. Take a look around the room and mindfully plan where you want to keep the cupboard, the shelf, and more. If the ceiling is old, you might consider redoing the attic roof. You may also decide to fix part of the roof to make it last longer. Fixing up the top is not an easy task and requires professional help. Therefore, one may contact experts like A&E Brothers Roofing solution to fix the attic roof. 


Clean The Space: Once the construction work is done, it is time to clean up the space thoroughly and lay down the wiring and cables. It would be best to have adequate lighting in the attic to turn it into a living area. Make sure the space is sufficiently ventilated. 


Pick A Color: It is time to pick a color that makes the room look spacious. Since the roof is already low, the room might look boxy if you choose a busy print or a dark color. Instead, pick a soothing color to the eyes and makes the room look big. Pastel colors such as sea green, white, light blue, baby pink are often the best choices for a small space. 


Add Minimum Furniture: While decorating the room, you must remember that the space is essentially made for the children. So, you don’t need a lot of furniture here. A chest full of toys will do just fine. Or you may double this room as a study corner for your child. Let the comfy nook by the window be the room’s focal point, and design the space around that. In that case, you may add a desk and a lamp by the window. Place a comfortable rug on the floor where your child can sit and play for hours together. One may even bring her friends up here and have a play party. 


Sleeping Loft: You may also decide to turn the attic into a sleeping loft for your child to have sleepovers. Children love sleepovers with their friends. So, add a few mattresses in the attic and provide the little ones with comfy cushions and a blanket. They have their separate loft to sleep in and gossip to their heart’s content.