We all come across maintenance issues regarding our heating systems especially during winters when these systems are required to function. Being a homeowner, you’ll face a number of these problems coming from your furnaces. While your furnace needs to get checked by an expert Furnace repair Grosse Ile Michigan contractor but at the same time you should also look for a diagnosis of the problem which might just save you some time and money. Here are five issues related to your furnaces that you should get checked.

1-Flame Sensor Requires Cleaning

A crucial safety feature of your gas heating system is your flame sensor. The unsafe burning of fuel by your furnace is stopped and controlled by the flame sensor. While a flame sensor helps in saving up your bills, a dirty flame sensor might disturb the functioning. It is typically in the form of a rod attached to the back of the furnace.

2-A Cracked Heat Exchanger

Another costly issue that requires the attention of an expert is a cracked heat exchanger. The major purpose of a heat exchanger is to separate the warming flame from the air. This keeps the functioning of the furnace safe. In case of an overheated house or a clogged air filter, the heat exchanger could crack leading to a colder environment in the house.


3-Malfunctioning Blower Belt

An important part of the furnace is the blower belt that basically helps your furnaces fan in running properly. A breakage in this blower belt can lead to malfunctioning which is commonly called a frayed blower belt. A frayed blower belt is characterized by a high pitch squeaking sound from the furnace while it’s running. A replacement of this belt can help in improving the efficiency of your furnace as well as in improving its performance.


A common name for this kind of a furnace issue is a rapid cycling problem. In this case, you’ll notice that the furnace goes on and off very quickly. The first cause of rapid switching on and off of the furnace shall be a dirty or clogged air filter. However, another cause is heating. If replacing the filter does not solve the problem then you’ll have to call an expert to handle the situation.


5-Limit Switch Malfunctioning

Another issue that requires professional help is the replacement of the limit switch. You’ll notice a continuous blowing from your furnace in case of this problem. The furnace would be bowing even when it shouldn’t be. In this case a professional can solve the problem.