Nowadays, it is not easy to spare time from your busy schedules to hang out with your partner. By the time weekend comes, you get extremely exhausted from dressing up and going out. Sometimes you don’t get reservations to dine outside. So, why not plan an outdoor date night in your yard?

Outdoor date nights are easier to plan and you can make it happen in your free schedule any time. Moreover, you don’t have to dress up or need reservations. You can plan it for your partner once your kids go to bed. You can spend quality time together without worrying about kids or a babysitter.

There are several ways to make date night special. Below are some tips for a successful outdoor date night in your yard:

Start with Beautiful Lighting

Lighting is an easy way to transform the ambiance quickly for a date night. So, start gathering candles, Christmas lights, or tea lights. Light the candles around your seating area collectively. The more the candles, the more will have a romantic effect.  Your dating area will look like fairytales settings. Then, hang Christmas lights and lanterns on trees, fence to add an illuminating effect.

Set up a Camping Tent

Create a cozy space for your special date night with a tent. They are not only for camping purposes but can also be used to create a romantic spot. You can set up soft bedding and cushions in the tents for a comfortable seating area. You can enhance these settings by spraying scents inside the tent.

Artworks for Outdoor Wall Decor

Do you like paintings and art pieces? If yes, make them a part of your date night. Pick beautiful canvas art for wall decor. You can display these art pieces on your patio walls, hook them on tents or hang them on trees to create a romantic atmosphere. These artworks will undoubtedly amplify the look of your yard and blend seamlessly with the natural atmosphere.

Light Campfire

Every outdoor date night is incomplete without a campfire. If you want to create a romantic ambiance, a real campfire will do. You can set up a cozy seating area or a romantic table for two near a campfire. It will set up a romantic mood in the surroundings for a special date.

Add a Personal Touch

Don’t forget to add a personal touch by hanging pictures of your special moments with your partner. It is a beautiful way to relive the romantic memories you built  as a couple. So, display your pictures on an easel or hang them with branches of a tree. It will also give you a topic to discuss with your loved one on your date night. It may seem simple but pictures will transform the space entirely.

Backyard BBQ

Enjoy grilled food with your partner on your date night. Cook as a team while working hand-in-hand to gather ingredients like meat, vegetables, s’mores, etc. Don’t forget to keep aluminum foil nearby. It will come in handy while grilling meat gets stuck.

Decorate with Flowers

Scent Of Roses Plum Wall Art

Who doesn’t use flowers for romance. Well, flowers are an important part of any date night. So, make your special night beautiful by decorating the seating area with small vases of colorful flowers. Their beautiful fragrance will make your surroundings and date incredibly special.

Build a Swing

Set up a swing in your yard. Spending quality time on a swing as a couple is a romantic and cute thing that you can do. Moreover, it can be a perfect photo spot. You can either set up a tree if you have a strong and tall tree in your backyard. If not, build a two-seater wooden swing.

If you don’t have much patience and time to create one, order a pre-built swing online. Use these backyard settings for spending beautiful moments of life with your partner.

Final Words

Hopefully, the above tips will help you to spend some romantic time with your partner in the comfort of your home. Grab a tasty wine bottle, music and whatever your partner likes to make these moments special. Enjoy each other’s company considering life only happens once. Even if your hands are full of kids and work, make most of your time through these lovely backyard date ideas.