Are you a fan of digging up your yard? Especially just when you finally got your lawn growing lush and green?


Well, this is one great reason why you should choose pipe relining instead of the more traditional method of excavating down to the damaged pipe and replacing it. Let’s explore more about this option and look at a few more reasons to choose pipe relining!

What Is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is an innovative technology that involves inserting a thick, resin textile liner into a damaged pipe. It serves as a permanent solution for blocked drains and other pipe issues.

The Benefits of Pipe Relining

When compared to traditional excavation and pipe repair, pipe relining offers several advantages. Let’s look at a few of them here.

1. Less Invasive

You don’t have to kiss your prized petunias goodbye when you choose pipe relining. There’s no digging up your lawn or flowerbeds to access the damaged pipe. The liner is simply inserted into the pipe and expertly placed where it can reinforce the existing pipe.

2. Long-Lasting

Pipe relining is not a sloppy patch job, it is a long-lasting solution. In general, a relined pipe is capable of lasting for up to 50 years.

Plus, because it reinforces the existing pipe, the system is less susceptible to tree root damage or other common pipe problems. In other words, once your pipes have been relined, you can pretty much forget about drainage system issues!

3. Saves Time

As a more efficient procedure, pipe relining is much faster than traditional pipe replacement. Once your plumber has found the issue with their CCTV camera, it will still take about two weeks to dig down to the broken pipe and replace it.

How does that compare to pipe relining? Well, this process can happen in as little as a day!

4. Saves Money

As you might imagine, it gets expensive quickly when you start digging up your yard. In some cases, the plumber may be able to use a mini-excavator, but in many cases, the pipe will have to be dug up by hand. The area is just too tight and you run the risk of further damaging the pipe with heavy machinery.

5. Avoids the Mess

Imagine what your favourite flower bed will look like after it’s had a team of men with shovels hacking at it for days. Getting it to regrow again later will be a pain in the neck and it just will never be the same!

And what if, heaven forbid, the broken pipe is under your driveway?

6. Avoids the Disruption

The mess aside, just the fact that you have a team of professionals working in your yard for days on end is disruptive. Depending on the location, you may not be able to access your house easily, and forget about having any parties during this timeframe.

Pipe Relining for the Win!

Hands down, pipe relining is a better option for fixing your blocked drains or other drainpipe issues. There’s no reason to spend the extra time and money tearing up your yard when you can slip in a liner in as little as one day and forget about your drainpipe worries for good!