The one space in your house that gets cluttered quickly is the garage. In addition to housing your car, it also becomes a tool shed and a storeroom. You have always wanted to redecorate the space but don’t have enough time to start the process. Plus, the task itself appears to be massive, to begin with. A situation like this demands a methodical approach. If you break the job into chunks, you will find the work easier to finish. When it comes to renovating your garage space, you must pay extra attention to the floors and the doors of the garage to ensure safety. Continue reading this article to learn valuable tips on renovating garage space.

Free Up Space: The first step to renovating the garage is to free up the space by clearing clutters. While freeing up space, be sure to keep the items in a safe place for a few days as the renovation work may take days, even a week, depending on the pace of your work.

  • Once you remove your vehicle from the garage, it is time to remove all the cabinets, tools, and boxes from the space.
  • In a garage, years of boxed stuff get accumulated. Therefore, once the things get out of the garage, you must keep only the items you need. The rest can be donated, sold, or given away. If you decide to keep everything back inside the newly renovated garage, the space will still seem cluttered.

Cleaning Up: Once the space is open, it is time to get the place thoroughly cleaned. While cleaning up, you may notice the plaster of the walls or the floors in places is worn out; don’t worry about it. The goal as of now is to clean the room as thoroughly as possible. You may use a water hose and cleaning solutions to clean the gunk and oil marks from the garage floor.

The Floors And The Walls: Once the room is cleaned with water and cleaning solutions, you must let the room dry out; otherwise, when you use new material on the floor, it will not stick. Therefore, let 24 hours pass before you start applying cement or epoxy to the floor. But before you start working on the new floors, fix the walls with plasters and paints if needed. Because while repairing the walls, things may fall on newly made floors and ruin the shine.

  • When it comes to garage floors, you have a few options, but the best possible alternative would be floor epoxy. Epoxy is known for its shine and toughness, two things a garage floor must be in order to last long. Many big restaurant chains also have epoxy flooring because the establishment wants to maintain that newly built charm while opting for a sturdy building.
  • Before you start mixing epoxy, learn how to apply epoxy to the floor. Use double layering to the floors to get that glossy floor shine.

Reinstall Cupboards: Instead of piling boxes everywhere, make use of the wall space and add wall cupboards and shelves that help one organize items neatly. Get rid of unnecessary stuff and items that you know you will not use in the future.