If you haven’t been through the process before, it might all seem very simple. You just buy a house and move your stuff in. Easy-peasy! But, there are a few little things to bear in mind once the sale is complete and you start moving in.

Most of the legal and financial aspects will be seen to by this point, but you ought to keep your concentration going a little while longer. The last thing you want is to have problems cropping up when you’re halfway in the door.

Installing New Locks

In a lot of cases, people hand copies of their keys to others they know and trust. The thing is, you’re unlikely to know or trust any of these people yourself. So, it makes a lot of sense to go around the property noting all the locks.

This includes any locks for sheds or garages, as well as those that serve the main entrances to your new home. Getting a locksmith to change them will typically not be a major expense and can be done in a single day.

Finding Valves and Switches

You ought to have a good understanding of how everything works in your home. Take a little tour of the property to find out exactly where all the various valves and switches are. Knowing where they are and how they work is essential, especially when those little emergencies strike.

New Security

It may be that there’s an existing security setup at the home, and if it’s properly up to date and in good order, you can get away with simply changing codes. For the most part, though, these systems will be old or non-existent.

Putting in an upgraded system will give you peace of mind, knowing that everything is in place and protected. This is especially true of those areas that are subject to occasional burglaries or are even in high-crime regions.

Check Utilities

You will have assessed the utilities to a certain extent during the sale process, but personally getting in touch with providers is a good idea. Check up on how current all the accounts are, and so on.

Physically checking the various outlets and readings will familiarize you further with your new abode, as well.


Meet Your Neighbors

Now that you’ve done those nitty-gritty type things, it’s probably high time to take a look at the folks around you and start introducing yourself. These people will be sharing your life to some limited degree, so it can really benefit you to know who everyone is.

This is clearly good from a friendliness perspective, but your neighbors can also be a real asset to you in terms of other things too. Knowing them can improve your security, and can be helpful in more general senses too.

Final Thought

Congratulations on finally getting to move in, now you just need to make it a smooth process. Checking your home and property in person is just another way of fully taking ownership, so it means a lot. It’s just sensible to get all the security and safety stuff under your belt.

Now you’re really a part of the new neighborhood, and you can take the time to settle in with style and comfort.