Indian people love to decorate their homes beautifully in every possible manner. There are a great number of styles which are adapted to enrich a home’s beauty. Various objects are used to make a home look attractive. Painting is one of the most used decorating objects throughout the world. Indian people also utilize paintings to make their homes wonderful. Indian Contemporary Art has so many beautiful modern painting styles.

What Makes a Painting Contemporary or Modern?

A painting is accepted as contemporary art or modern painting when it belongs to a living artist at the moment or in some broad views it belongs to an artist who has been living for the nearest of the present day. At the same time, these paintings reflect a whole mind set and norms of a culture. Art lovers like to express their interest in art by hanging these paintings on their home walls.

Background of Indian Contemporary Paintings

Indian contemporary paintings are rich in style and theme. The contemporary painting style has a long history from being simply charming to use of unusual imagery. There is a notable change in painting style after 1947. Modernism reached its peak in the 1990s. Modernism brought great changes to the traditional style of painting. Contemporary Indian painters like to do experiments and make their paintings wonderful. Customized paintings are also in vogue.

Indian Contemporary Paintings Offer a Variety in Styles

Indian modern paintings have various themes. Contemporary issues are sketched very well in these paintings. Indian painters are skilled enough to meet modern needs of art. This is the reason that these paintings are not only liked in India but also throughout the world these paintings have their own unique place. Indian contemporary paintings are a mild combination of traditional and western mode of painting. There is evidence of abstraction even in most traditional themes of these paintings. Minimalist approach can also be observed in them.

Styles of Modern Indian Paintings

Like every other person in the world Indian people also get inspired by beautiful paintings. Wall paintings make the interior appear attractive. There are many types of modern painting styles:

  • Modernism
  • Impressionism
  • Cubism
  • Surrealism
  • Abstract Expressionism
  • Minimalism

How Modern Paintings give Indian Homes Trendy Look

Various themes of modern paintings give everyone a chance to choose them for decorating their homes. Decorating walls with paintings has been in fashion since primitive times. Ancient caves can be observed with paintings on their walls. Contemporary paintings are best choice to make you walls charming.

Religious Themed Contemporary paintings

Indian people are religious so they like to express it. Through religious themed modern paintings they can express their religious beliefs. These paintings are abstract in style, so they are a good choice to give good artistic flavor to your home decoration.

Minimalist Contemporary Paintings

Minimalism is believed to be one of the most liked modern art trends. People like to live in urban areas now-a-days. Due to the large population of urban areas people have to live in smaller homes. Interior of these homes need to be somewhat tricky to make them appear vast and delightful. Minimalist modern paintings are an appropriate choice for this type of home.

Surrealist Paintings

Surrealist paintings give an insightful touch to your home décor. Surrealism is about conjoining two extremes, so Surrealist paintings add dual flavor to the charm of your home walls. Surrealist art is something strange to Indian culture. If you have interest in western art, Surrealist paintings will be a good choice for you to decorate your homes.

To conclude we may say that there are so many styles of contemporary Indian paintings. These paintings have various themes to suit your artistic flavor. You can have so many options to be opted for, no matter if you have a smaller home or bigger one. Modern Indian paintings offer you a lot of variety to give a twist to the traditional look of your home.