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6 Reasons You Have a Blocked Drain

Are you staring in frustration at the water in your sink that won’t drain away? Fiddling with a blocked drain is probably not your idea of a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Many of the most common reasons why drains get blocked can be easily avoided — if you know what to watch for.

To keep this blocked drain from happening again, learn about the reasons why you have a blocked drain here.

Reasons the Drain Is Blocked

There are a number of reasons your drain might get something stuck in it. Here a few common things to watch for.

Household Object

Someone (your small child, we assume) dropped a small household item down the drain. This most often happens in the toilet as kids explore what happens when they flush the toilet.

Tree Roots

Tree roots love the disgusting goop that is running through your drainpipes. It has the perfect mix of water and nutrients that far too tempting to ignore.

To get to the deliciousness inside, tiny tree roots will find or make a path into the drain pipe.

How do you get a tree root out of your pipes? How can you even be sure that this is what is causing the blockage in your pipes? Special cameras are used by plumbers to inspect blocked drains. This helps them find the exact spot where the block is and is particularly useful when excavation is required.

Dirt and Debris

Every time you wash your hands, bits of skin, dirt and other debris gets washed down the sink. If it gets hung up on something, it can start to accumulate and you end up with a nice clog in your sink.


Soap scum can also build up over time. The thick, jellylike substance can block the drain on its own. It also might provide the perfect catch-all layer for any other debris that falls down the drain, thus worsening the problem.

Cooking Oil

In the kitchen, it is common for cooking oil and grease to get washed down the drain. This isn’t a problem while the grease is warm because it stays in liquid form. But as the grease cools in the pipe, it begins to conceal into a mass that can get stuck and start forming a clog.

If you think this is the source of your blocked drain, try dumping boiling water down the drain to melt the clog and wash it away.

Bits of Food

Another common reason for kitchen clogs are bits of food. Always try to avoid letting crumbs and leftover pieces of food go down the drain. It might seem like little bits would just wash away, but they can get stuck and join together to start forming a clog that can completely stop up the drain.

Clear Drains for All

Now that you understand some of the common reasons why drains get clogged, it will be easier to avoid them in the future. For now, you’ll just have to read one of our other articles on how to unclog a drain!