For more reasons than one, it is always the bedroom that seems like the last place people spend money and time on when considering decorating their home. It is not the place that your family and friends gather when they come to your home for dinner, and it is also not the first room someone enters when they visit your home. Regardless, the common trend is whatever furniture or things are leftover after designing the entire space, go into the bedroom. But, that is not how it should be. Your bedroom is indeed one of the most vital rooms in your house. It is a space wherein you spend most of your time, and it is your relaxing retreat to escape from the whole day’s chaos. Having this in mind, we will share some of the practical design tips that you need to bear in mind when you redesign your bedroom. The good thing is these tips can be executed even on a shoestring budget. So, let us get started and address these tips one by one.


Take a brief moment, and give a good look at your bedroom. Look at it as if you are looking at it for the first time ever. Does it look like an attractive and comfortable space, or is it a complete mess? Many a time, bedrooms become the home’s storage units, where we stock our dilapidated furniture or the lamp that we got in our wedding but does not go with the room’s whole vibe. But you know what? It is time to change.

The first step is to give a makeover to your bedroom is by decluttering. Next, you need to edit all the unwanted things. For this, you need to look at your room with an objective but critical eye. Is everything in your room worth keeping? Is there something that you dearly love? If anything in the room does not fall in these two categories, it is time to take it out of your room. Then, you can either sell it or donate it,’ comments Julie, an educator who offers assignment help Sydney and loves doing her space time and again.

While you declutter and edit your space, you will also come across a bunch of things that belong in the other room. So, keep them where they ought to be. Your bedroom should be a calming and soothing space that can relax and recharge you when you lay there at the day’s end. So, as Julie said, start with eliminating anything that you neither love nor need. Do you know what the best thing about decluttering is? It costs you literally nothing.

Upgrade Your Fifth Wall

Most of us like to keep the walls of our bedroom in neutral tones. Well, that is indeed a great idea, but you know what? Go daring with your ceiling, and add a bright hue to it. This fifth wall can take the interiors of your room to a whole new level.

Move Around Things

Next, you can change your bedroom’s whole look and feel by altering the layout a bit. Again, this, though effective, is cost-free. All you need to do this is some thought, a little planning, and a lot of energy and time. With that, you can revamp your whole room. So, all you have to do is change the location of the furniture in your bedroom.

‘While you re-arrange your furniture in your bedroom, please try to leave unnecessary and dated items away. In a bedroom, less is more. So, get rid of all the unnecessary furniture pieces, which only take space in your room. Getting them out will make your room feel airier,’ comments Mia, an educator who offers statistics homework help services.

Well, yes, Mia! We have noticed how simply changing the bed’s direction can make a huge difference in producing a new orientation in the room.

Invest In a Tray

‘One of the simplistic ways to give your bedroom a new vibe is by adding a beautiful-looking tray to the room. You can add the tray either on the nightstand or the top of the dresser. It can be a plain white tray with a silver or gold metallic spray, nothing too fancy or unreasonably expensive. Please understand that if it looks chic, it is good to go. Only you know that it didn’t come from with a heavy price tag,’ comments Stephen, an educator who offers online’ do my homework for me‘ services. You can use this tray to place all the scattered items on the top of the dresser, such as your earrings, perfume bottles, key chain, small collectibles, or jewelry. A mere addition to this tray will make your dresser look more elegant.

Zush ’em Pillows

Whenever you go to a fancy hotel, you will notice one thing; they have over-stuffed and plump pillows. So, what are you waiting for? Create that same magic at your home. When you overstuff the cushions, they look high-end. Homeowners can do this by shopping for inserts, which are relatively larger than the pillow covers.

See, for instance, if you have a square pillow of 18-inches, you can shop for a 20-inch insert. Also, anytime you decide on replacing the sleeping pillows, shop for the ones, which are just as lofty and thick as you can find. Also, the more pillows, the better it is, but do not go crazy over-pilling your room with pillows. Typically speaking, two pillows per person should suffice.