Home is the most peaceful place that everyone wants to return to after tiring working. Because of expressing that spirit, the rustic and genuine style of rustic Italian farmhouses is the passion of many people. The article below may be the creation of what you are looking for, it will point out the elements that make up a rustic Italian house.

What Is Rustic Italian Farmhouse Style?

When it comes to Farmhouse style, people will probably have in mind images of houses filled with love of nature. The rustic Italian style which is the romantic space of the Italian countryside with classicism and simplicity. The blending of these two popular styles creates a feeling of both rustics and elegant. You will easily recognize this style through the color, light and rustic looks of the interior.

Once you understand what the Rustic Italian Farmhouse style is, follow the suggestions below to form ideas for your home design.

Rustic Italian Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Using Canvas For Decorating

Using canvas paintings is not too new in home decoration. However, many people mistakenly think that they are only used in modern home decoration styles. A fact proves that canvas painting will be the element that shows the house style most clearly. Canvas painting, canvas print or whatever, just their colors and styles match the rustic farmhouse style you’re aiming for.

Using canvas print or canvas painting to express your house decor style.


This design always prioritizes the use of natural light. Therefore, the size of window frames are often designed high from the floor to the ceiling to catch the most light. The sunshine not only refreshes the space, but also helps to increase the brightness of the colors applied in the interior design of Rustic Italian Farmhouse.

Windows will be a plus point in bringing in great light, reflecting the light in your home.

Floors, Ceilings, Walls:

Nature lovers always desire to bring nature into their own homes, wood and stone are considered as symbols of nature. Using wood to design the ceilings and floors plays an important role to create a cozy space. Besides, you should take full advantage of stone to affix walls. It not only brings primitive feeling, but also conveys the rustic appeal of an Italian farmhouse.

If you have opted for the rustic farmhouse style, don’t forget to keep this style in mind in your ceiling, otherwise it will create an undesired style disparity.

Combination Of Colors

The characteristic of this style is to use deep wood colors and white walls to create contrast. The color of the material which is the original color, less honed and unadulterated to give a strong visual effect. The main colors usually used are the white of the wall, the gray of the stone, the deep brown of the wood. These are also colors that represent a somewhat wild lifestyle.

Color combination, especially in home decoration is very important because it will transform your home into a different style if there is no specific color direction.

Wooden Furniture

An easy way to decorate this style is to use the classic furniture. Don’t be afraid that the wooden furniture is old and shows traces of time. As long as we transform these objects skillfully, it will become an effective tool to express the style of the owner of the house.

Rustic farmhouse is a style that focuses on wood materials, but add them so that they do not become too much to create a cluttered feeling.

Fabric Material

Another material that is equally favored as wood is fabric. Fabric is a simple material but extremely important in the designing of the house. Using fabric skillfully, it will give an elegant and pure-looking look. As you know, many lavish designs often use luxurious patterned curtains and expensive fur rugs to highlight the house. On the contrary, the rustic style trend is to use neutral-colored cottons lines and simple patterned rugs.

Curtains are the most visible fabric in your home. Combining with simple patterns on the curtains will bring an elegant feeling to the house.


An eye-catching outfit cannot be complete without accessories as well as a rustic Italian farmhouse without decorative items. Decorative items which are also known as home accessories like fresh flower pots, natural pots of greenery and country-themed picture frames to create a wild and liberal feeling.

Both in fashion and decoration, accessories are always indispensable. Even though they are small things, their lack of them will make your home space feel much more empty.

Those are some suggestions for house design ideas in the style of rustic Italian farmhouse. If you are interested in these ideas, do not ignore them, keep them in your mind to get a wonderful home for yourself.