When you think about moving to another house, you get a sense of thrill and dread at the same time.

The dread comes from not knowing what to expect in your new place. The thought of starting over, making new friends in the neighborhood, and making a good impression can be overwhelming, especially if you’re relocating to another city, state, or country. That and packing your stuff up to prepare your house for home inspections to speed up the sales process can be nerve-racking. Saying goodbye to your home and familiar faces and surroundings can also be quite painful.

But on the other hand, moving also has plenty of upsides that many people look forward to. Let’s talk about a few reasons why moving is also exciting.

Great Things to Revel in as You Move to a New House

You’re getting a fresh start.

For those who have always wanted to start fresh in life, there’s no better opportunity to start over than moving to a new home. It allows one to build new memories and detach from unpleasant ones from your old place. This resonates well with folks who are going through a breakup and wants to get over a bad relationship as fast as he or she can.

You get a Change of Scenery.

A monotonous routine can sometimes drain the life out of you. Sometimes, all a person needs to get re-energized is a change of scenery and to be in the midst of pleasant surroundings. Perhaps the concrete jungle has become too stressful and vexing; moving to the quiet suburbs or an area surrounded by nature can bring so much healing and restoration to the soul.

You get Things that you Want in a Home.

One of the main reasons people move houses is that they feel like the house they’re currently living in is no longer suitable for their needs and preferences. Looking for a house that caters to their needs and wants is what makes a move exciting. Maybe you’ve always wanted a hot tub or more garden space. Moving from a small inner-city apartment into the suburbs can help you get a step closer to the house you’ve always wanted.

You get to say Goodbye to Annoying Neighbors.

If the above-mentioned reasons aren’t enough, how about saying goodbye to annoying and nosey people and neighbors? Well, you’re still not guaranteed that you won’t have a new set of bothersome neighbors when you move, but with the experience (and training!) you’ve had to deal with your neighbors now, you already have the edge.

Things that you thought you already lost start turning up as you clean and pack.

You know how sometimes you lose things at home, and you think they’re forever gone? Well, as you prepare your house for the day of the move, you might be surprised to find some lost items underneath furniture or appliances or stashed away in your attic, basement, or garage. Those surprises — as little and as trivial as they may be — can definitely help brighten your day.

You get to Declutter and get rid of Junk.

If you’ve been planning to declutter but keep procrastinating, moving to a new home is the best time to eliminate all the unnecessary junk and all the things you want to leave behind.

You have the chance to be a channel of blessing by donating things you no longer use or need.

As you sort your stuff and declutter, you might come across some stuff that is still in great condition, but you no longer need. Instead of throwing them away, you can give them away to folks who might need them.

You get to Discover new Cleaning Hacks.

Sometimes, as you clean up to prepare your current home for the transition, you might discover a few cleaning tips and tricks you never knew before. This is especially true if you have some friends over to help you and they share some of the tricks they have up their sleeves.

You get an unparalleled sense of fulfillment once you finish the job.

As exhausting as it can be, the entire moving and relocation process will come to an end when the last suitcase has been unpacked, the last box opened, and the last room is cleaned. When you see what your new home looks like from both inside and outside, it’s like a huge load has been lifted off your shoulders, and you breathe a sigh of relief. The work may be done, but your new life is just beginning.

So the next time you move to a new house, try not to think too much about the downside but instead focus on the great things and opportunities it can bring your way.