While finding a rental property isn’t as big of a commitment as purchasing a home, there are still a lot of things to consider before signing a lease. The main concern, as the saying goes, is location, location, location.

When renters are looking at which area to stay in, there are different types of neighborhoods that appeal. Depending on your lifestyle, family size, and career, what appeals to you may not be what appeals to your peers.

When renting, buying or selling a house or an apartment, here are a few of the typical neighborhoods renters love the most.

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Being in the city center puts renters in the center of the action. Beyond the convenience of being near activities and public transit fuels those that thrive on action and anonymity. Living downtown is for those who like to be near old favorites while having the option to try something new every weekend.

The challenge with downtown usually pertains to constantly being surrounded by noise and other people. Whether you move to the heart of Dallas in one of the apartments featured right here or another major city, the pros and cons will be very similar. Be sure to rent a place that has good soundproofing or is high enough off the ground that it doesn’t matter.


The Suburbs

The suburbs of any big city offer the convenience in location while taking off the pressure of the main drag. Reduced noise and a bit more space make the suburbs an ideal place for those who have a family. Depending on how far to the outskirts you travel, you may contend with price wars and limited access to public transit.

When you move to the suburbs, one might argue that you aren’t truly a part of the city anymore. That greatly depends on the infrastructure, how far out you travel, and the governance of the city itself.

The Park

Park neighborhoods create an urban oasis that provides everything you love about a big city, balanced with ample green space to reconnect with your roots. If you desire city living but need room to move, park neighborhoods are ideal. However, be prepared to pay more for rent as a result of your location.

To cut back on rent, select a place a few blocks from one of the major parks and take the extra travel time as bonus exercise. If you have children or pets, these neighborhoods can be a nice option when your living quarters are confined.



Getting a bit off the grid while staying near the heart of the city is how many renters choose to save on rent. For some, the eclectic rental options and stark industrial style rentals is a bonus rather than a deterrent.

The challenge with living in a more industrial neighborhood is that the safety and scenery may not be up to par. You may be required to travel through some less than savory areas to get home at night. However, when you take proper safety measures, the journey can be well worth it. Picture yourself surrounded by warm brick walls, high ceilings and windows at a fraction of the cost of lesser apartments in more centralized areas.

To be happy as a renter, find a place that speaks to your lifestyle. If you don’t like it, you can always make a different choice when your lease ends.