No one likes to deal with toilet troubles. They are always challenging and never feels great to deal with, especially then when the toilet is causing some unpleasant odors!

If you keep your toilets clean and always flush them after using, your toilet must have some problems that need to be checked. Call the best plumber in San Diego to look into the root cause of the foul-smelling toilet, and set you free from the issue.

This blog will help you identify why you may have to deal with a foul-smelling toilet and how to fix the problem.

When you start smelling foul odors coming out of the toilet despite keeping it clean, you can check the wax ring surrounding the toilet base. A bad smell is common in those toilets where the wax ring isn’t correctly sealed to the floor or toilet. What happens, in this case, is that the air from within will seep out when you flush the toilet. This problem is quite common when the primary vent is clogged.

Whenever you flush the toilet, it should push air in the pipe and not let it come out. In case you identify that it’s the vents and the wax seal that is causing the foul smell, better to get in touch with a plumber. Plumbers are experts, and they can fix toilet problems easily.

However, if you think you can handle it and fix the issue on your own, follow these tips. But remember to call a plumber if you are not confident about the steps written here. It is never a good idea to fix toilet issues on your own if you aren’t sure because you may escalate the problem.

Anyhow, here’s how you can replace the wax seal.

First things first, you need to see how severely the wax seal is damaged or broken and whether you will be able to fix the wax seal on your own or not. In some cases, the broken wax seal can be fixed by using caulk or silicone. In most cases, these two things can be used, and the problem will be fixed, but that’s going to be a temporary fix. To correctly and adequately seal the toilet, you will first have to disconnect, then empty, and finally move the toilet.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go and Empty the Toilet

Turn off the water supply, and empty the toilet. You will also have to flush every drop of water from the tank. Once done, allow the tank to dry completely. If you see any remaining water, take a towel or sponge and wipe off the remaining water. Flushing might not remove some water, hence do this.

Step 2: Detach the Toilet

Remove the water supply hose; after that, from the mounting bolts, remove the hardware. Do this step extremely cautiously because heavy force might end up breaking the toilet anchor flange.


Step 3: Move the Toilet Carefully

Place a piece of lumber or any similar kind of block to carefully place the toilet and protect its drain. While placing the toilet, ensure that the toilet base and the floor are parallel.

Step 4: Remove the Wax Ring Carefully

While removing the wax ring, it is recommended to wear a pair of gloves. Clean the area surrounding it, and use mineral spirits or a putty knife to do that.

Step 6: Attach New Ring

For the new wax ring that you have, place it firmly. Now reconnect the water supply and see whether it is working correctly or not.

These steps could be a little challenging for those who have no idea how to do them; if you are unsure about the steps, please don’t take the risk and call a plumber in Phoenix for assistance.