When you think of artificial grass, most people usually equate it immediately with their backyards, but there are many other innovative uses for synthetic turf. Some of these you might have already considered, but others may come as a surprise. So, let’s take a look at how you can create an edgy appeal to your home and benefit from this high quality ground covering.

5 Innovative Uses of Artificial Grass

Have you ever considered using synthetic turf to create an indoor garden? What about as a covering for your patio, balcony or flat rooftop? You can even use this artificial turf as a feature wall inside your home.

Indoor gardens: If you live in an apartment with no outdoor spaces, you can create a beautiful green space in your home using artificial grass as the base. Surrounding the grass with potted plants makes this small area look much more natural and appealing, compared to simply placing a few potted plants around your room.

Patios: For a comfortable feeling underfoot, you can cover all or part of your patio with artificial grass. This gives you the feeling of being outside in a larger garden without all the additional maintenance. It’s perfect for small yards where the house takes up much of the outdoor space.

Balconies: If you are lucky enough to have your own private balcony, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors by installing artificial turf on your balcony. Whether you cover the entire surface or just a part of the balcony with synthetic grass, it will look fabulous! Don’t forget that if you have a cat or a small dog, they will love to sun themselves and snooze away the day on their very own grass-like balcony!

Rooftops: If your home has a flat roof, what better way to improve its appeal than to install artificial turf on its surface! However, apart from looking good, synthetic turf will also help to stabilise the temperature in your home and reduce your energy bills. It also improves your home’s curb appeal and gives you an additional outdoor space for a variety of uses.

Feature walls: Indoor feature walls are becoming more popular, particularly when people are limited with their outdoor spaces. A feature wall can be created with artificial grass and ferns, herbs or flowering plants that will amaze and delight your visitors!

If some of these ideas appeal to your sense of aesthetic, then here are some of the benefits of artificial grass for these innovative areas.

Looks Great

The technology used to make artificial turf has increased rapidly over the years. So much so, that it no longer looks synthetic and often tricks people into believing that it’s real natural grass.

Safe to use

Artificial turf is very safe to use as it’s not slippery when wet (unlike tiles) and is easy to clean and comfortable to walk on, as well as sit or lounge. It’s also designed to be outdoors, so it’s not going to become mouldy if it becomes wet in the rain or hot underfoot in the summer.

Durable (Weatherproof)

SYNLawn synthetic turf is extremely durable and weatherproof.  It’s easy to install and is designed to withstand storms and hail, and not to fade due to sunlight.

We hope these have given you some good ideas on other uses for artificial turf and grass.