Being a realtor is one of the best career opportunities. It is suitable for those who want to combine schedule flexibility, moderate office work, and an ability to influence one’s success directly. Becoming a real estate agent in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Jacksonville, in the state of Florida, in other words, implies several steps that you should know. Along with the real estate Miami agency experts from, we will tell you everything about starting your broker career.

Do I Need License to Become a Real Estate Agent Miami FL?

In the majority of cases, the answer is yes. Florida Real Estate Commission regulates the activity of every broker company or an independent group of agents. The commission settles peculiar requirements to all the candidates. Getting a proper license is one of them.

There is only one exception, as an expert from Cardinal Miami reminds us. If a property owner hires you directly and officially, with a settled payment and all the employment points passed, you might not need any license. If you have already got approval to practice law in FL, you can skip the pre-licensing courses for the future real estate agents Miami FL.

How Do I Get My Real Estate Agent License?

To become one of the realtors in Miami, you need to meet the initial requirements:

  • Being over eighteen years old.
  • Having a US Social Security Number.
  • Being an owner of a high school diploma (or equivalent).

Note that some top positions in the field of realty might have additional requirements. For instance, becoming a real estate school instructor requires a bachelor’s degree in a business-related occupation.

Your main task is listening to a sales associate’s 63-hrs course and passing the final exams after it. The course includes Florida real estate law classes, math for brokers, and other vital information that real estate agents in Miami FL, need. Real estate brokers have to pass a 72-hrs course. Some firms and companies sell online courses. The price varies from company to company and depending on the package. On average, it is between $90-$200.

The exam results also vary: you must have at least 70% of success for an associate exam and at least 75% for a broker exam.

The next step is affiliation with a Florida or Miami real estate agency. The agency must hold a valid real estate broker license. Do not forget about fingerprint registration and legal background checks. The whole process of licensing includes separate fees of around $120 in total.

Once you are affiliated with a licensed broker, you can consider yourself a real estate agent Miami FL.

Here are some vital points for the future realtors to remember:

  • The sales associate and broker courses differ, but they both are valid for 24 months after completion.
  • Failing an exam requires the second course before another attempt.
  • FL license does not allow you to work in other states. However, a valid license can ease licensing in other states due to relocation, etc.
  • FL real estate license works on the whole territory of the state. You do not need to book an additional permit for Miami Beach, North or South cities.

Learn more about real estate in Florida from CardinalMiami and start your career correctly with us.