Everyone loves to have plants and the greenery around. But taking a good care of the plants is a tricky process. There are multiple variables including the proper lightings, watering and fertilizers that are required to take good care of the plants – be it indoor or outdoor. Plants need a great amount of everyday attention for them to grow well and flourish. Indoor plants add a positive feel to us. But there some important plant care tips that one needs to know when they have the plants in their indoor space. Let us check some of the top plant care tips –

  • Every plant needs the right amount of water, light and warmth for them to survive at its nest. So when you have the plant, ensure that you are aware of the right amount of water and light that it should get each day.
  • When you go out on vacation, ensure that you have someone to take care of your plants. Take the assistance to keep the blinds open and the thermostat up.
  • Watering the plant should be adequately one. Every plant needs a different amount of water. Over-water is one of the major reasons for plant death. Keep the potting soil moist and not wet. The soil when too dry will also damage the plant roots and prevent plant growth.
  • The right temperature of the water is also a must. Use the water at room temperature. The best temperature to keep the water for your plants is 68° F or 20° C.
  • The drainage amount in the pot is very important. Ensure to have the drainage holes at the bottom of your pot to drain the excess water while you are watering the plants.
  • For the indoor plants, use the peat-free compost or its alternative. It helps the plant to grow well.
  • Variegated plants- leaves with white edges or white flecks, in general, need more light than their green ones. So find a spot that is nearer to a window.it helps the plant to get all the sunlight that it needs.
  • Try not to move the indoor plants around, as the plants undergo the process of acclimatisation. Plants acclimatise slowly to the different surrounding. This is done by changing their leaf orientation and moving towards the light. Moving around confuses the plant and may not adapt the place quickly.
  • Use the tall containers to show off your indoor plant. It takes little floor space yet helps in creating a great look to the room.
  • Prune your plants regularly to stop them from becoming leggy. When the leaves are cut it tends to grow healthier. This is because, when the lower branches lose the foliage, it may not get it to grow the leaves back and make the branch look thinner.
  • Try not to spill the sugary liquids such as tea and coffee into the plant containers. It attracts the flies and sugar in the compost makes it ideal breeding space for flies.

Now you see, taking care of the indoor plants is extremely a difficult task. Maintaining the right amount of water, light and temperate is extremely important and time-consuming. If you are someone who does not have enough time to take care of the minute details of the indoor plant, why even try to have it. Use the high-quality artificial plants that look exactly like the live plants and botanically accurate to decorate your indoor space. It saves your time, has lower maintenance and even helps you enjoy your vacation care freely!