Staircases are an integral part of most commercial buildings. They allow access to spaces within the buildings and can be found inside and out. A staircase needs to be sturdy and durable, considering that it is used several times a day and receives a lot of foot traffic. While choosing a staircase design may seem to be a fun process, selecting the right materials is pretty essential. You want to choose a material that is comfortable, aesthetically appealing, and cost-effective. Today many builders, designers, and architects choose metal staircases over the traditional timber planks or concrete stairs. So, what are the advantages of installing metal staircases on commercial buildings?

Extreme Versatility

Metal staircases can be customized to attain the designs and constructions you need. You can customize the shapes and sizes to get a staircase structure that fits on your buildings and adds to the architectural elements, and even purchase prefabricated steel staircases. Whether a simple style, traditional, modern, or elegant, you can develop endless designs for your staircase. Common metals used to construct staircases are aluminum, steel, and wrought iron. These metals offer unique benefits, so you want to decide which one works best for your staircase construction project. It’s also possible to pair the various metal choices with other materials to bring out unique looks. You can combine metal with glass, wood, and cable rail to get a stunning finish.

Reduced Cost with Simple Installation

With advancements in the metal fabrication processes, metals like steel can be constructed to nearly any specification today. Steel is highly flexible, so it makes the installation work to be eased. Once the staircase is built, installing it is a piece of cake. So, you will not incur a lot of costs in installation.

No More Staining and Varnishing

Metal staircases require little maintenance. You will not need staining or varnishing and sealing them. Metal stairs are also resistant to temperature changes meaning they will not bend or warp as happens with wooden stairs. Whether you install them indoors or outdoors, they will perform exceptionally well.

Increased Level of Resilience

Installing metal stairs provides you with a strong, durable, as well as built to last structure for your commercial building. The stairs are not susceptible to abrupt changes in the environment. Unlike wood, they don’t succumb to things like the dreaded termites. Metals, including steel and aluminum, are treated, meaning that they are rust and corrosion-proof. Additionally, metal staircases can hold weights that are far excess of what wooden stairs can. This allows you to widen your scope in creating shapes and designs you desire without worrying about the staircase’s structural integrity.

A Long Term Investment

Installing metal staircases is pretty economical and offers a long term investment. When correctly engineered, the staircases provide a work of art you will live with for decades. And it requires little to no maintenance. You may never need to replace structural components, and you may not need to paint or repaint the stairs if you decide to do so.

Whether you are renovating your commercial building or doing some upgrades and changes, you may want to consider installing a metal staircase. They will offer you value for money because they are cost-effective to install and last a lifetime.