Wire mesh storage is a widely used storage solution within multi-family apartment complexes all over the United States. Although it can hold a significant amount of property and is relatively easy to install, it can not even come close to the value of private secure storage bins. If you are the owner of an apartment complex, please, do your research on the best storage solutions before you choose to go with (what only appears to be the cheaper option) wire mesh storage.

Secure Storage Bins Look Safer and Stronger

The first thing that comes to mind when most people see storage bins made of metal that have locked latches is security. When it comes to storing personal property, most people would prefer to keep their belongings in a strong, safe place as opposed to a see-through area. A building that has secure storage bins automatically looks more appealing than a building that has open, wire mesh cages. When a tenant does a walk-through of the property, they are more likely to be interested in a home that provides a safe storage place.

Storage Bins Provide Privacy

Enclosed storage bins provide the element of privacy. People that walk by them can only see the bin itself, and not what is inside of it. Wire mesh storage bins are made of wire that has been welded together at the seams in order to form a “mesh”, or are even as rudimentary as a  subdivided chain-link fence. The wire units can be built to whatever size that will accommodate the area and are easy enough to install, but people can see right through them. The only way to hide the contents of a wire mesh box is to tarp it off or cover the contents with sheets or blankets. It is safe to assume that most people would prefer to store their belongings in a place that has both privacy and security. Any passerby can see everything that is inside of a wire mesh bin, including thieves.

The Costs Of Storage Bins

One of the motivating factors that mesh storage bins have to offer is that they appear less expensive and more cost-effective than secure storage bins. The truth is that for about the same price as it would cost to install wire storage cages, a property owner could install a secure storage solution. Not only will the cost be about the same, but the return on the investment could be huge. Studies show that tenants would prefer a solid storage bin over a wire storage area any day. These same studies also revealed that most of the tenants that would rather secure storage would be willing to pay more money each month in order to have better storage spaces. This, in itself, is a huge factor. The potential to install secure storage lockers without having to pay an arm and a leg for them is a reality.

The Best Storage Solution

Of course, the best storage solution for anybody is the one that is going to be beneficial to everybody involved. The tenants get a great place to store their extra belongings, and the property owner gets a new cash flow out of the deal. Secure storage solutions cut costs, cut down on crime, and provide privacy. What more could anybody ask for?