The destruction of the novel coronavirus isn’t over. It has wreaked havoc in the US, infecting about 7.5 million and killing over 120,800 people. To this day, the US remains the country worst hit by the unprecedented pandemic.

But an economy as large as the US’s can’t stall for long. The world needs business activity to feed mouths. So in the US too, the economy had to reopen safely and gradually so people could resume and find work, and businesses could continue contributing to the economy and society.

Unfortunately, no country is still out of the woods, especially the US. The threat of catching the elusive virus looms and we must walk the extra mile when it comes to protecting ourselves and our loved ones from Covid-19. This means an extra focus on personal hygiene, social distancing, and cleanliness of the places we live and work in.

The last part, i.e. cleanliness of the workplace and home, isn’t just the regular cleaning in this Covid-ridden world.  Instead, we need potent disinfecting of the premises we spend most of our time in. And we need to do it (or get this done) in regular intervals to stay protected from the virus that’s still out there.

There are many disinfecting services in the US that deliver a satisfactory level of protection against Covid-19. Plus, it’s not just the novel coronavirus that these disinfecting solutions work to keep us safe from. Virus sanitizing services for houses and offices also keep inhabitants and workers safe from exposure to other viral diseases.

What To Look For When Choosing A Disinfecting Service?

Disinfecting and sanitization solutions are a very sensitive service area as it has to keep the safety of humans and pets an utmost priority. So, while the solutions have to be potent enough to kill the viruses, bacteria, or the pests that we’re trying to get rid of, they must be gentle on other living beings. Plus, these materials must also not harm the infrastructure or physical belongings.

So, when you’re looking for a disinfecting service for your residential or commercial premises, look for these basic things:

  • The service provider should use hospital-grade disinfecting materials
  • The materials must be non-toxic and non-harmful for humans, pets, and other living beings
  • The services must be eco-friendly and not a cause for harm to the nature
  • The service must possess pesticide registration from the US EPA (Environment Protection Agency)

“Some of the popular disinfecting services providers in the US offer an effective combination of the Hypochlorous Acid and an Antimicrobial Shield. The shield uses an odorless, EPA-registered solution that shields the surfaces it’s applied on” quoted by Mr. James, a senior consultant from Greenitize, a disinfecting services provider from Orlando , Florida.

How The Disinfecting Service Works

Once you have shortlisted a disinfecting and sanitizing service in Orlando, or any other parts of the US, you’ll get a cost estimation from the company. Once agreed on the cost, the disinfecting service provider will give you a set of instructions to follow.

Here’s how a typical disinfecting service works:

  1. A company representative visits your residential or commercial premises, understands your disinfecting needs, and gives you the cost estimate.
  2. Once the cost is agreed upon, the disinfecting service will schedule an appointment to visit and service your property.
  3. You will be provided with instructions to prepare the areas to be treated.
  4. Typically, the premises need to be clean and free of any trash or debris for the service to be effective.
  5. The team will arrive and perform the job.
  6. The company will inform you about when the facility can be reoccupied. (This can vary from a few minutes to a couple of days, depending on the scale of service and strength of the materials used)