Maintaining the outside of your home is extremely important if you want a house with lots of curb appeal. From pristine landscaping to a well-maintained structure, what people see on the outside plays a big role in how they’ll view your home before even stepping foot inside. While your home is ultimately your space that you can customize, update and change as much as you desire, having a strong outside presence is essential in selling a home or if you’re looking to win the “Yard of the Month” award in your subdivision. An element sometimes forgotten about is the garage. In many homes, it takes up a lot of space out front, and there are several distinct and different types of garage doors you can choose. If you’re wanting to redo or update yours, here are three ideas to put to use.

1. Utilize Natural Lighting.

More and more people love having oversized windows or skylights to let sunlight in their homes. This not only helps lower electricity usage but also keeps people more connected to nature by welcoming in lots of sunshine. Why not add the same features to your garage? If you have a garage workshop or spend a lot of time in the space for other purposes, glass windows that let natural light in are a good addition. You will spend less on lighting the space and will benefit from the heat the sun lets in if you live in a cooler environment. The glass windows will also add a modern feel to your garage which complements a home with ample windows well.

2. Put Charging Stations In.

Electric cars have popped up everywhere, giving people more options to cut down on their carbon footprint. While there are lots of public charging ports present at sites such as malls, parking lots or gas stations, if you have or are planning to go-green with your vehicle, you need a charging port in your garage. This addition will let you charge whenever you’re home, and if you end up re-selling your house, it will offer a unique perk you can capitalize on for prospective buyers. It’s a simple benefit that goes a long way.

3. Be Unique And Different.

Many subdivisions have homes that look nearly identical. While that works for some people, others want something that suits their style and personality more. Garage doors used to be simple, but now you can really accent your home’s look by choosing bold patterns, unique materials and creative textures. It can take a simple home in a neighborhood and make it the talk of the town for all the right reasons.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about updating your house. A simple, cost-efficient place to start is your garage door. You can really enhance the front, side or back of your house by making some straightforward updates that transfer your home to something even more beautiful and brimming. Instead of settling for an ordinary home, your garage can really set the bar for something extraordinary.