Uncontrolled expansion of urban areas hurts the planet because it causes damage to the hard to reverse cities. The people who live in these areas are in a position not to get away from pollution. These urban areas are so crowded that many other forms of pollution happen without anyone realizing how bad the situation is. Read more about what it means when a city grows without any checks or balances.


The Cities Get Too Crowded

Cities that get too crowded will put people in a place where they do not have time for the conservation of smart consumerism. These people take what they can when they can get it, and even turn to litter and the like because they do not know what to do. The cities have a lot of water pollution because runoff in the streets cannot be adequately filtered, and littering causes the air to be unhealthy.


Industrialism in the cities causes the air to be too dirty, and the water in the town is often unclean because it cannot be filleted fast enough. Plus, some cities have a poor infrastructure that poisons the water. This makes the town a dirtier and worse place to live. The city’s expansion does not stop because developers want to make money, and the people who live at the bottom of the totem pole cannot keep up.

The People Get Disconnected

The people in these areas get disconnected from one another because the cities expand so much that neighborhoods get more prominent, people cannot walk anywhere, and cars are needed to get all over town. Because of this, air pollution is going to increase. Air pollution is something that makes the people even sicker than they were in the past, and these people often cannot get better because cars must be driven, and the industry must continue o produce.

When people get disconnected, they cannot band together to do good things for the planet. These people cannot come together to start a recycling program, or they cannot begin using solar power because they are not working together. These urban areas often have no room for solar panels, or they do not have space for the wind turbines that could power so many of their buildings. It is very easy for people to come together when they are not stuck in an urban area or spread out in a suburban area disconnected from the people they love.

The Communities Produce More Waste

When people are disconnected, they cannot share, they need to buy products with more packaging and chemicals, and these people will not have the energy to recycle. Because of this, the landfills get full, produce more gas, and make the air even worse. If the reservoirs are in the area, their water is not as clean because the air in the area causes dirty rain. Acid rain could happen any time the air is so polluted that rain cannot fall freshly.

Communities Use More Energy

When communities use more energy, they are producing more waste. Plus, the people that are using the most energy are often the ones who need the most help. Someone who needs to filter all their air is harming the environment that caused their breathing problems. The people who are using filters for their water will produce more waste that will cause the water to be dirtier. Plus, these people will force power plants to make more energy to keep their homes hot or cool.

Communities Do Not See The Problems Caused In Nature

In urban areas, communities that are rapidly expanding do not see how lousy nature looks because they do not have any access to nature. Because of these places are going to be much heavier consumers who do not realize why recycling and rescuing products are essential. Anyone who wants to learn about the world around them must ensure that they have to see what happens to nature and the oceans when the world is too polluted to continue.


Urban areas need to repurpose as much space as possible to make oxygen and bring green spaces back to the world around them. The people in these areas are using more energy, they are pushing the utilities to produce more energy, and they are not aware of what their consumerism does to the planet. People must be studying how the world changes when they are using too much energy or growing too fast. Air pollution is also prevalent in these areas, the people who work there often have dirty water, and the pollution on the streets makes the cities feel unclean.