Have you ever taken time to think if the methods you use to clean your home provide a safe environment for your family?

Sometimes, the efforts to keep your home clean and free from germs could be potentially causing more harm to you and your loved ones.

Cleaning a home is never efficient when the procedures used are not environmentally friendly. There are various inexpensive options you can adopt to clean your home to achieve a fresh and safe environment.

Below are eight environmentally friendly cleaning techniques to guarantee you and your family a safe environment.

Make Lemons Your Everyday Companion

Lemons can offer you a germ-free environment if you make them your everyday companion. They are abundant and cheap so that you will feel no pinch in your pocket.

Science has proved that the amino acids in these fruits have the potential to kill germs and bacteria at a high rate.

To have your home sanitized, you will need to make fresh lemon juice. Cut the lemons into slices and squeeze them into water.

Use a clean towel to wipe things around the home, such as furniture and utensils. Squeezing lemon directly on a towel or sponge will also work the same way.

Indoor Plants

Do you know that plants can keep your home free from airborne mould and bacteria? Plants purify the environment naturally since they have volatile organic compounds that neutralize the germs

in the air. You can make the best of your spring by purchasing indoor plants. Those vases will not only make the home beautiful but will cleanse the environment in your home.

Always remember that synthetic air fresheners are laden with aerosols, which are not good for you and your family. Go green, be safe.

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Carpets carry a lot of dirt, and regular vacuuming is never the best way to eliminate all the filth. Clean them using modern eco-friendly technology to guarantee your family a safe dwelling place.

Since carpets hide dirt, a vigorous exothermic carpet cleaning system will be the better option over typical dry cleaning.

This method is cheap but eliminates all the stains to give your carpet a sparkling look.

Use Vinegar To Clean Your Toilet

What you need to use to keep your toilet clean and infection-free is right under your nose. Vinegar is the most versatile item to have in the home.

Its detoxifying potential makes it a favourite for cleaning toilets, furniture, or even scrubbing utensils.

To have an environmentally friendly solution for toilet cleansing, mix a portion of vinegar with essential oils, and put it in a spray bottle.

There you have your magical concoction. Use it for the bathroom regularly, and the results will be amazing.

Borax Laundering

Borax powder is an excellent way to get your laundry free from stains and germs. Instead of only using detergent, include borax powder in your laundering bowl to achieve not only clean but bacteria-free clothes, sheets, and towels.

To soften the water, mix two spoons of borax powder with the washing detergents and use it in your washing machine.

Since borax is a multi-purpose powder, you can put it in a spray bottle and use it in the home to cleanse items and kill insects.

Keep Windows And Doors Open

How many times do you open your windows to let in the fresh air? Most of us become so concerned about the safety of our home that we keep our doors and windows shut without knowing that this is harmful to our families.

The most natural way to keep your home clean is to let in the fresh air. Closed doors and windows hinder fresh air from getting in the house, which can lead to mould and bacteria reproduction.

Most probably, your home has more than one member, and all of you compete for the limited air.

Endeavour to keep the doors and windows open whenever you are home to protect your family from asthma and other respiratory infections.

Unblock Drain Regularly

When drains clog, they become a menace as the dirt stagnates, which creates room for the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

Try to unclog them regularly to ensure that dirt is expelled from your home. A simple act such as pouring boiling water down the drain would unclog them, especially if you use oil in the kitchen.

You do not need a plumber to get your drainage running. There are so many hacks that you can improvise, such as using flexible rods to keep the drains clear.

Make Baking Soda A-Must-Have

Perhaps the cheapest eco-friendly detoxifying agent you should have in your home is baking soda, commonly referred to as sodium bicarbonate.

This chemical is gentle on your skin and, when used appropriately, will give you outstanding results.

To clean your floor, mix a considerable amount of the chemical with water and detergent to get rid of germs.

Baking soda can also be used to wash utensils and wipe furniture around the home.

Why let your family suffer when you have so many options from which to choose?