Now that summer is in full swing and we are seeing more and more sunny days, we begin to focus on outdoor events and ways that we can enjoy the beautiful days of summer. One summertime activity that is making a comeback and growing more popular every year is the garden party. Many UK homeowners have gotten away from entertaining as our focus has turned to work and family. Still, we need that balance in our lives and a social event such as a garden party is the perfect way to achieve it.

If you are considering hosting a garden party this summer, there is a lot of planning to do if you want it to be a success. To throw the perfect garden party, you need to focus on the details. From the food you serve, the tableware you use and the music you choose, to your outdoor furniture and decorations, everything has to be just right.

Let’s take a look at some ways that you can throw the perfect garden party this summer:

Decorations- from over the top extravagance, to simple, affordable and easy, your decorations should be tasteful and they should match the theme of your party.

Lighting- your lighting can include candles, tealights, fairy lights, candles and more. Whatever type of lighting you choose, ensure that is it safe and that it provides enough light for your guests to relax and enjoy themselves. Tablescapes with lanterns will add a soft glow that looks elegant.

Tableware- your table setting can be the added touch that makes your next garden party that much more interesting and memourable. Opt for more expensive tableware as it will add a formal touch even if your party is a more relaxed affair. Set your outdoor table as you would your formal dining table for an even greater impact.

Outdoor Furniture- be sure that you have enough seating for your guests and that your outdoor furniture is comfortable and stylish. If it is old or damaged, consider replacing it with new rattan outdoor furniture from Abreo.

By focusing on these details, your garden party will be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the season in style!

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