Keeping your floors clean in a busy household can be a chore that is often ignored by many due to the hectic nature of daily life. Adhering to a floor cleaning schedule that divides work amongst family members or roommates is key to maintaining a clean living quarters, thus improving the quality of life and physical conditions in your home. A cleaning schedule can be drafted where sections of the home can be targeted on certain days based on the frequency in which each section is dirtied.

Prioritizing the cleaning of flooring in areas that are heavily used such as the kitchen and living room is essential to maintaining the quality of the flooring in your home, increasing its longevity and overall stature. While cleaning schedules can be constructed with relative ease, it is often a struggle to adhere to them. After a hard day at work or school, many often lack the physical energy needed to commit to a cleaning schedule. Opting out to relish in the comforts of their home, many neglect basic cleaning duties and let the flooring in their homes decay!

In the technological age that we live in, a solution has been created for those either too exhausted to clean or overburdened by their current cleaning workload! Robot vacuums that can be programmed to vacuum your floor for you, without any physical exertion from the operator, have arrived and have revolutionized home cleanliness, maintenance, and improvement. An application that can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android can be used to create cleaning schedules for robot vacuums, supplementing an already established cleaning schedule or creating one entirely from scratch.

Why Cleaning Schedules Matter

  • Allows for the cleaning workload to be divided amongst members of the household.
  • Allows for regular maintenance of the flooring in your home.
  • Keeping a clean home, specifically flooring, can inspire the health and longevity of the home and increase its future resale value.
  • A structured schedule can motivate the residents of a home to adhere to it, maintaining the home and improving quality of live within it.
  • Improves general quality of life.
  • The only con of a cleaning schedule is that the creator can be lazy and not stick to it!

Perks of Robotic Vacuums

  • Can be controlled by both Apple and Android mobile applications.
  • Robot vacuums can clean while you’re out of the house! Robot Vacuums can be scheduled to clean while you’re at work and the kids are at school!
  • Efficient cleaning, comparable or even superior to manually controlled vacuums.
  • Portability, robotic vacuums can be easily transported within your home and to other locations.
  • Require absolutely no physical exertion during the cleaning process, all automated from schedules created on the robot’s respective mobile application.

While robotic vacuums have recently been making a name for themselves in the world of home improvement and maintenance, one stands out the most due to its power and customization. NEATO Robotics is home to the world’s premier robot vacuum.