Having our own house is one of the main reasons why we are working hard. So by the time that we had enough money to build our dream house, we have a lot of things we consider first. From the interior up to the exterior of the residence. From the appliances, the colour of the house and so on. We all want it to be perfect. But, let us not forget the ones above our heads. The roof.

The roof plays a great role of the house and on the family. How could you say that the house is a house if there isn’t a roof placed on it? The question is, what is the best roof that we should purchase? What are the qualities of the roof that we should consider first? Let me tell you this Asphalt Shingels Dearborn Michigan and get yours now!

What are Wooden Shingles?

These are the first materials used by the Americans on their roof. It is light weight materials made by woods. Thin or thick in size. Depending on what the consumer needs and wants.

History of the Wonder Roof

In 1901, Americans made this Asphalt Shingles. But it took 10 more years before it was successful. And In 1939, they have produced 11 million shingles with the shape of square and that is the start of their business.

How Shingles are made

Asphalt Shingles are purely organic. The first base of this roof is called felt also known as a cotton rag. But years past, cotton became so expensive so they have decided it to change to a better one. Same thing as felt, it has cotton but its less expensive. These Shingles have different process to undergo first before it will sell in the market. One of them is setting the house on 140 degrees Fahrenheit with the Asphalt Shingles as a roof.

As years goes by, they have discovered other kinds of materials that could be used as a roof. These are Organic materials that they first made and the new roof that is made with Fiber.

Asphalt Shingles Dearborn Michigan

The business Asphalt Shingles Dearborn Michigan started from the late 90’s and still making good business up until now. Their main goal is to advice customers who are fist timers on having their own house and also those who wanted to replace their roofs.