There are many ideas you can think of to make your dining room a memorable place for your well-wishers and family. Apart from the décor, furniture and fixtures, your dining table top is one you shouldn’t joke with.  If you’re buying a high quality table for your dining area or for any other purpose, you should consider the type of glass tops for tables.

There are other factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right glass top for your tables. You need to carefully evaluate the shape and thickness of the glass. It’s obvious that dining tables should be quite thick so that it can accommodate the stress of loads it is carrying. It is important you seek the advice of a glass supplier to ensure you don’t buy the wrong glass tops for your tables.

It doesn’t matter if you are just buying the glass tops or you’re replacing your old furniture, trustworthy glass experts are able to help you with the necessary assistance you need. Glass is a better option than wood for tabletops. Glass doesn’t require much maintenance like wooden tabletops that can house bacteria and other disease causing pathogens in some of its hidden areas.

With the use of glass tables, you’ll observe that your dining area looks open and spacious and with high quality glass tops for your tables, you can expect your furniture to last for a long period. With proper care and maintenance, glass doesn’t scratch. If you want to maintain a classic look of your dining area, you can opt for rectangular glass tops.

Before buying a glass top for your table, you should be able to answer the following questions to enable you make a wise decision.

Do you need glass tops?

At Fab Glass and Mirror, we have the ability to custom cut to size, bevel, polish and temper your glass. This ensures a perfectly customized fit, gives you the opportunity to choose the type of glass you want, and we deliver it in record time for your home and office needs.

If you have to replace your glass table top or want a new design, the steps to customize your glass table are the same. Our glass table tops manufactured are of the best quality and you can specify any requirement in your order.

Why glass tables?

  • Protects your furniture from bumps, scratches and other possible damages.
  • A modern touch for older sets of furniture.
  • Give a nice touch. A glass top is an excellent way to add sparkle to an otherwise boring item.
  • Elevate the impact of wooden tables
  • To complete a table or bedside table
  • You can replace the old glass tops. Outdoor tables are especially vulnerable to damage and weathering.

 Why use glass for table top?

They are used in different ways, but the most popular is to use glass to protect the surface of a table, desk or a coffee table. When used as a cover on a wooden surface, a thinner glass is usually used. The edges of the glass are normally polished to soften them and avoid the possibility of injury from sharp edges. Used as a wooden surface cover there is no need to temper the glass.

The glass table tops can also be used in situations where the entire surface is made of glass. The legs can also be made of glass, wood, metal or any other material. In these cases, the glass has to be tempered for safety reasons. The edges should be polished flat and possibly beveled, depending on your preference.

How can I measure the top of the table to determine its correct size?

It is best to measure the place where the glass is placed with a measuring tape. It is important to use an exact method, as this prevents the table top from reaching with measures that do not fit in the place where you want it to stay.

Once the measurements are recorded, you can indicate them in the purchase so that we can process your order and we can send you your glass in the best conditions.

If you want to change the top of your table, it is also important to look at the edge of the glass to determine that the type of edge of the glass that you are going to buy fits.

Should the glass tables be tempered?

Tuning a glass table top adds resistance. Tempered glass is 5 to 7 times harder to break compared to simple glass. Tempered glass table tops are considered as safety glass, because when it breaks, it does so in small pieces that do not pose a danger to you and your family.

As a basic rule, tempering the glass does not change its appearance or weight. Bearing this in mind, if you have children at home or simply concerned about safety, we recommend tempering the glass so that security increases.

How can I measure my table for a glass table top with cut corners?

To ensure that the corners of the glass top match your table, you should measure the angle of the cut corners. You must align the edge of a tape measure or a ruler with the outermost edge of the angled edge. This will be the place where the corner would be.

Why use a glass table top?

Glass tops are a perfect way to protect valuable or antique furniture without hiding its beauty. In this way, the surface of wood, marble or metal is safe from stains, scratches and bumps. There is no need for tablecloths, as you can put hot pots or coffee cups on the table without worrying about damaging the finish of your table.

Kinds of Table You Can Use Glass Table Tops

Glass tables are for dining with family, friends, coffee with friends, or even an eye-catching glass desk in your office. Glass tables can come in different designs and finish such as sparkling, beveled or seamed, smoky, round, rectangular, framed or frameless. We at Fab Glass and custom Mirrors love to work with individuals who engage their creative power to come up with jaw-dropping designs.

Dining Tables

If you love having friends around and hosting dinner parties, a glass table on a custom base is ideal for your dining room. A glass table makes your surrounding décor to sparkle, and it makes the carpeting, tile or even your hardwood floor to stand out.

Coffee Tables

Glass for table top looks good with wood, wrought iron, and stone and can fit into any frame of your choice or rest on top of a rack of pure driftwood and coral. Regardless of what you may want, expect Fab Glass and Mirror to provide you with exceptional coffee tables.

Patio Tables

Patio tables which is usually an outdoor table should be made from safety glass. One popular safety glass, tempered glass, is usually stronger than the glass we all know. If tempered glass eventually breaks, it crumbles into dull cubes instead of sharp pieces of glass that can cause injury.

Glass Desks

If you’re a freelancer or work from home, a glass desk provides you with a sleek, modern look. Like other table tops, we cut the glass and design it according to your specification and install it on a base or frame.

If you want custom glass tops, it is possible to choose the thickness and color you want depending on what you want. While a standard glass comes with green tint, a sheet of low-iron glass is also readily available, which provides an appearance that is clear when observed from an angle. Custom glass comes with tints such as blue, gray, or bronze to make out for the room’s decoration.

Having a glass table made from high quality material can only be made possible if you contact a reliable glass technician located within your vicinity. For affordable glass tables, ensure you look for glass companies that offer customers with free consultation service, whereby an expert technician gives the necessary advice to ensure you have the best glass table top.

While most glass tops used for home décor is made of annealed glass, for outdoor applications, such as patio, the glass top is made with coated tinted glass similar to those used in windowpanes.

Whether you’re buying glass tops for a dining room, for outdoor furniture, coffee table, writing desk, office desk or conference room table, a glass table top offers great functionality, durability and looks, without altering the appearance of a room. Finding a custom made table tops shouldn’t be hard or expensive. Just make use you employ the services of a professional and Fab Glass and Mirror is one of such companies that can provide you with exceptional services.