Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom anytime soon? The process of renovating your bathroom is a meticulous one. From designing to plumbing, first-time homeowners may find it challenging where to start and find the right people for the job.

To avoid becoming overwhelmed, here are seven essential things you need to do before jumping into this important project.

Seven Things You Need To Prepare Before Renovation

A standard bathroom renovation requires expertise and skills, including technical electrical work, plumbing, and bathroom design. This guide will help you prepare and anticipate the necessary things you need before the renovation starts.

Create A Realistic Timeline

You can expect smaller bathrooms to take about five weeks for a total renovation. It takes about two weeks to finish the final draft, including the theme, tiles, and other features. If it requires the stripping of fixtures and cleaning, the demolition team will need at least two days to finish this.

For constructing a fully gutted bathroom, it will take around two to five weeks and about one week for plumbing and electricity modifications. Expect the final touches to be done within a day or two.

Outdated Plumbing

As soon as demolition or alteration occurs, you should be able to view whether your plumbing system is outdated or not. This is an excellent opportunity to uncover a few rough spots on your plumbing and consult your plumber for upgrades or replacements.

Using old plumbing systems could be costly in the long run, especially if you’re planning to sell the house. A simple renovation in this aspect of your bathroom can prevent added costs, delays, and possible challenges midway through the project.

Poor Ventilation

This is another aspect of renovation to help keep the operation running smoothly. Consult an HVAC technician about your bathroom ventilation system at the start of the renovation. They would be able to assess whether your current HVAC system is appropriate for the design you have in mind.

Fixture And Cabinet Upgrades

There could be a possibility that the previous homeowner used cheap fixtures and furniture before you bought the house.  A reliable bathroom designer and plumber will be able to identify problems with your current fixtures and recommend appropriate ones to use.

Water Pressure

Adding a hall bathroom to a limited water supply could be a lost cause. It’s important to discuss this with your tradies first so they can recommend appropriate fixtures and bathtubs accordingly.

Consult your plumber if you plan on using multiple showerheads or a massaging shower spray. They would be able to recommend the right showerhead in keeping with the water supply without sacrificing function.

Work With Credible Tradies

While it may be tempting to renovate yourself, it’s wise to consult professional contractors to get the job done. Licensed electricians, plumbers, painters, and bathroom designers are essential to achieve quality output you will enjoy for years ahead.


Planning out a budget is vital before you start the renovation process. Jot down everything you’ll need, from furniture expenses to professional costs. Generally, you can extend up to ten percent of the total value you’ve accounted for. This way, you have enough wiggle room for unexpected expenses that may crop up along the way.

Last Words

Getting the bathroom of your dreams is achievable when you have the right team to help you. If you live in Adelaide, contact Precise Services for expert insights on finding the best solutions and bringing old bathrooms back to life.