In this day and age, most people have concerns about home security, which is one of the reasons why automated home tools, alarm systems, and other similar products have become so popular. That said, as homes get smarter, so do the criminals trying to get inside.

Because of this, garages have been a more common point of entry for break-ins. So, what about your garage door? How do you make that more secure?

Let’s look at four great ways to beef up the security on your garage door, thereby better protecting your loved ones and belongings behind it. We recommend using all of these measures to better secure your home and give you peace of mind.

Smarten up

Just as you may have timers for your lights or are able to answer the doorbell on your phone, there is smart technology available for your garage as well.

Have you ever been away from home when suddenly, you’ve gotten the sinking sensation that maybe you didn’t close the garage door? Well, worry no longer. With a smart opener, part of a kit available from B&D Garage Doors, you’ll get an alert on your phone if the door is left open and you can also check to make sure that it’s closed.

You can also use this technology to open and close the garage door from just about anywhere, since the opener is connected to your home Internet. If someone needs access to your home, such as a repairperson you trust, you no longer have to hide a key for them. Instead, they can let you know when they arrive, and you open the garage door. What’s more, you can avoid the next potential security risk: keeping track of your remote.

Don’t Leave Your Remote in the Car

If you park in the driveway, it’s a very bad idea to leave your remote opener in your car. It makes it too easy and tempting for burglars to break into the car (after all, they’re already planning on breaking into your home) and open the garage, granting easy entry.

If you have one of these remotes, keep it in your bag or purse and bring it inside with you after you park. Be cautious about where the other remotes are and who has access to them.

Install Motion Lights

Motion detection lights are simple tools that can go a long way for home security, including around your garage. Whenever they detect movement in their range, the light (which is typically quite bright) clicks on. This illuminates the garage door and the space around it.

This measure is a particularly good one because it will also turn on when you or your family members are in the vicinity. That may prevent someone from taking advantage of the moment you’re arriving home from a long day or carrying in a load of groceries.

A word of caution: these lights take a little getting used to. You may find yourself jumping every time that a squirrel scurries past and triggers the motion sensor. Look at it as reassurance that your motion lights are functioning properly, and you’ll eventually grow accustomed to the occasional brightness.

Secure the Doors Inside it

A lot of people assume that because their garage door is closed, they don’t have to worry about the door inside it that grants entry to the house. But that’s not the case. Think of your garage as an added barrier to this door, but one that can be breached if someone tries hard enough.

You should use the same standard home security measures on this door that you do on others: change the locks when you move in, install some kind of alarm or monitoring system, and always keep the door locked when not in use.

Trust Professionals

If you’re worried about the security of your garage door, don’t be! There are many ways to make your garage just as secure as the rest of your home. As we mentioned above, you can buy a B&D Garage Doors kit to take care of a lot of this for you, granting extra peace of mind to you and your loved ones.