What Areas Of Services Do We Offer To Our Clients?

Our area of expertise includes CFA piling, Rotary Auger Bored Piling, Bored Piled Retaining walls, and Restricted Access Mini Piling. We take a pre-construction overview of the details of the type of project and specifications related to it, the condition of the soil, and structural requirements for the safe ground foundation. After that, we prepare a comprehensive plan by suggesting the best method of piling for that project. Not only that the site visit is also an essential part of the pre-construction strategy. Upon completion of the piling processing, we also provide post-construction services that include handover documentation, pile designs, pile logs, RAMS, and photographs related to the project. If asked then testing service to check the efficiency of piling design.

Our Priority Is The Customer Satisfaction And Prevention Of Any Work-Related Accident

We are working in the piling field for almost over 25 years. Our first priority is our customer satisfaction and completion of a successful project without any possible mishaps. Our trained staff follows all the safety rules and regulations to ensure that no work accident took place at all. Our work staff is diligent and experienced in their area of work so our client is always satisfied with the work results.

Diverse Project Areas Enlist In Our Work History

We have worked on tremendous projects so far such as projects of areas with restricted access, commercial as well as residential constructions, rail, and infrastructure, new builds or extend of previous build structures and we believe every project is unique and has its own requirements. Therefore we are able to work on any project that requires piling techniques to ensure a safe foundation for their project. If you have any questions regarding our services or want to discuss the specifications of your project, you can comfortably discuss the details with our team experts at any time. You can also consult for the recommendations of piling design for your project.

How To Contact Us For The Project Discussion Or Additional Information?

It is very easy and simple you can contact us at 01372 232 090 at any time or can visit our Weymouth Office for face to face meet up. You can also contact us at the email address. We will love to hear from you.