Air conditioners are meant to last at least 8-10 years if used correctly and carefully. Routine maintenance and proper usage are critical for the longevity of the aircon unit. Aircons are often used for more than 14-15 hours per day. Maintenance is essential so that the unit keeps working optimally.

The most frequent mistake made by owners is ignoring regular service of the aircon. There are usage factors that account for how fast your AC deteriorates. Let’s have a look at the mistakes you must avoid while using an aircon.

  1. Ignoring aircon service: This is the biggest mistake one could make. Aircons require professional cleaning and servicing at least twice a year. Expert service isn’t expensive either when you compare it with the costs of getting repairs for failed parts. In Singapore, many acclaimed companies have service packages. MCL air conditioning is one of the top companies for aircon service and repair.

While you may feel that the aircon is running properly, it loses 5% of its efficiency every year it goes without service. You might save some money by ignoring service but would end up paying extra for electricity bills.

  1. Filter cleaning and replacement: An air conditioner continuously pumps a massive amount of air in the room. The moist air in Singapore can cause dust to accumulate on the filters and form clumps. Filters require consistent cleaning and replacement as per the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

Common issues due to improper cleaning and replacement of aircon filters:

  • Reduced airflow and cooling: The airflow is reduced, and the surroundings cool slowly
  • Foul smell: Bacteria and mold build-up can cause a foul smell
  • Higher power consumption: Slower cooling leads to higher power consumption
  1. Continuous aircon operation: Aircons operate in a harsh environment. The condenser unit placed outside has to bear atmospheric heat, as well as, the heat extracted from your room. The aircon will have a longer life if it is given intermittent breaks.

Turn your AC off for five minutes when you feel the room has cooled enough. Your aircon could use some much-needed rest when you go out for lunch. Keeping the aircon in the ON state reduces longevity. Parts wear out faster.

  1. Ignoring warning signs and repairs: This category of mistakes often proves expensive if not dealt with promptly. If you see any signs of efficiency loss, or improper operation like leaking water, loud noise while operating, you must call a technician as soon as possible.

Wear and tear cause parts to degrade. If this degradation is detected early, you may get the part fixed for a nominal price. Replacement of components in an AC is an expensive affair. Reducing aircon usage during such abnormal functioning is also a prudent way to protect the unit from further damage.

Here are some common warning signs you should look out for:

  • Aircon making a loud noise while operating
  • Vibrations and jerks in the condenser unit
  • Water dripping from the indoor unit
  • The aircon starting with a jerk
  • Multiple metallic clicking noises before the AC starts cooling
  1. Setting the thermostat: You might be tempted to set the aircon at the minimum possible temperature when you enter the room. You may hope that the aircon would cool faster if set at a lower temperature – it would not. The aircon has a fixed cooling capacity (determined as cooling power in tons, BTU/hour, or watts).

Your aircon would take the same time to reach 24 degrees, whether you set the thermostat to 21, 19, or 17. The difference is that for every degree of lower temperature, the aircon has to work harder. You end up putting excess load on your aircon’s components. It also leads to an increase in power consumption.

  1. Repair vs. replace: This is a hard choice to make. The initial cost of an aircon that may run into thousands of dollars. The decision whether to repair a part, replace the part, or replace the entire unit depends on aircon age, previous repair history, and other factors.

Consider the following pointers to make an informed decision:

  • If you notice a defect, call the technician immediately. The part may be repairable if it has not suffered extensive damage. Also, one defective part can load up other components too.
  • If there isn’t much difference between the cost of repair and replacement of the defective part, opt for replacement. A brand-new part has a longer life and higher efficiency.
  • If your aircon has been in use for 7-10 years, it may have reached end-of-life. If an expensive component like compressor fails on such a unit, consider buying a new aircon instead of getting the compressor repaired or replaced.
  • At this stage, the cumulative cost of repairs may exceed the cost of buying a new aircon. It is not only the cost of repairs. You get a new unit with better features and increased efficiency and also save yourself from the inconvenience of dealing with aircon failure.

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